Retirement Planning

An important component of meeting your financial and life goals is the development of an investment portfolio that is appropriate for your individual needs. We meet with you to discuss your goals, expectations, risk tolerance, and time horizon. We also examine tax and cost considerations for your investments and we analyze your current financial condition for the purpose of preparing recommendations tailored to your specific needs. 

We have access to thousands of investment products and typically recommend portfolios that utilize low cost index funds, actively managed no-load mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETF's). As we are fee-only, we receive no direct compensation from broker/dealers or investment companies for the investments that we recommend to you. Furthermore, we receive no commissions or transaction fees, which allows us to be unbiased when we recommend investments to you. 

We accept our role as a trusted advisor. We do not take personal possession of any client assets and recommend that you custody your assets at Charles Schwab & Co. Monthly statements are provided to you directly from your custodian so you know exactly what is in your investment accounts and you are informed of all account activity. We also provide you with quarterly and year-end reports to illustrate the performance of your investment accounts and we provide information that you can provide to your tax preparer for inclusion in your personal income tax returns.